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  1. Debbie McBrayer

  2. Sorry, my fingers kept getting finished before I did. My correct e-mail address is:

    Thank you

  3. I have been trying to remember to log on to your site for sometime thinking I could get some KC Star Applique quilt block patterns from 1932. I have photo copies of some that my mother made from originals. They are made from bias tape mainly Our family is mainly from Kansas but a job for my father sent us to Ohio when I was 5 yrs old and I eventually migrated to Delaware.

    My grandfather built quilt frames for each of his daughters with his embedded stamp on them and the name of the daughter who received it.
    My sister Darlene Gilligan was given one of the frames by one of the recipients and in 2000 she donated it to the Topeka Museum.

    I seriously started quilting in 2007. I thoroughly enjoy it and have made several quilts for my children and grandchildren. I am 75 this year.

    I am looking forward to reading info on your site and the newsletter. ThanQ, Gloria

  4. I happened onto this site looking for a pattern that was once published in the paper…the Pickle Dish. It was published in BH&G as a paper pieced pattern years ago also. Any ideas or direction?

  5. Hi Kim.

    Yes! That pattern was published in the Star! Carolyn McCormick just redrafted it in her book “Wedding Ring, Pickle Dish and More: Paper Piecing Curves.” This books shows how you can make those curved patterns without actually cutting or sewing curved pieces!

    Hope this helps!


  6. I made all the blocks for this quilt “The Prairie Flower” quilt project but they didn’t look finished. I started to embroider the appliques (by hand) and they really began to sparkle! In fact, I over-embroidered them adding a lot of French Knots and other details! I hope to be able to show a photo of the finished project soon. Dorothy

  7. sherri hubbs I am working on this block of the month and on block 11 where you put your initials it says you can go to pickledish .com and download your initials done in the style done in the quilt. Where do I find this download.

  8. Just wanted to say HELLO as I am a new member and I am excited to search throughout the site for ideas and inspiration. Thanks for inviting me
    Beth :) ~