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June 5, 2014

Bobbins’ Bargains takes it to the next step

This week, Mrs. Bobbins is offering a book full of new techniques for quilters ready to up their game. She is always one to find a good deal out there in the quilt world. Now she brings her amazing talents to you … with her weekly Bobbins’ Bargains! Every Thursday, Mrs. Bobbins will select one Continue Reading

June 4, 2014

Closing Time

By Donna di Natale Time to confess. I have a bad habit, and I know I’m not alone. I’m always laying my rotary cutter down without closing it. Sound familiar? The other day, I changed my rotary blade in preparation for a new quilt project. You all know how sharp those new blades are, so Continue Reading

March 12, 2014

Old Quilts Never Die

By Donna di Natale Quilts that are made to be used all have one thing in common: They eventually wear out. I call them much-loved, but in reality, it is more than love that causes them to become threadbare. Laundering quilts is just as hard on the fibers as having the dog sleep on them. Continue Reading

July 6, 2013

The Hunt for Red Fabric

By Donna di Natale Summertime is vacation time. Time to get away from the daily grind and visit family, relax in a favorite spot, or go somewhere you’ve never been before – and check out some quilt shops along the way. I recently spent a relaxing week in the Rocky Mountains. We drove through Nebraska Continue Reading

July 30, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve been accused of working at my local quilt shop. For example, there is a case containing Dovo scissors right there on the front counter. The case is about 25” x 12” and is about 3” to 4” high and has a glass top. You can clearly see all the different types of scissors, and it’s the correct height so you can lean over and drool and make out your wish list. Anytime I’m out at the shop, I tell other quilters what wonderful scissors are in that case. Many a quilter has given me a puzzled look and asked, “Do you work here?”

Well, no, I don’t work at a quilt shop. I work from my Some of my favoritesSome of my favoriteshome, but it’s pretty easy to sing the praises of something you love to use and work with. Dovo scissors happen to be very high on my list of favorite quilting tools. Not only do they have a great edge on the blades, they tend to stay sharp. They are balanced, easy to handle and just plain lovely.